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Clean swaths – high yields.

Swathers by CLAAS.

What do swathers have to do with a high milk yield per hectare? – The key to high-quality grass silage lies in keeping the crude ash content as low as possible, because crude ash impairs silage quality. Heavy contamination with dirt leads to greater energy losses and poorer protein quality of the forage – and thus reduces milk yield.

The crude ash content depends on low contamination with soil during the harvest. CLAAS swathers adapt perfectly to ground contours thanks to the rotor chassis, which is positioned close to the tine orbit. The cardan system with double pivot joint ensures a particularly wide range of movement. This prevents damage to the sward and reduces crop contamination. The jet effect when the rotors are raised and lowered also prevents the tines from digging into the ground. In addition, the double-cranked tines ensure clean crop intake: the crop is pushed upwards along the tines for gentle, dirt-free transport.