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Compliance is an essential part of the corporate culture. The overriding objective is to prevent harm to employees, the company, customers and business partners.

What are the tasks of the ombudsman’s office?

Who can contact the ombudsman’s office?

What information does the ombudsman’s office accept?

Can I be sure that the ombudsman’s office will only disclose as much information as I allow?

Will it cost me anything to use the ombudsman’s services?

Can I contact the ombudsman’s office anonymously?

What happens to my report?

Can I contact the ombudsman’s office to ask about the status of my case?

If I contact the ombudsman’s office, does it become my “legal representative”?

Is the ombudsman’s office really independent?

How is the initial contact made?

Can I continue to contact the persons previously responsible within the company?

Am I protected as a whistleblower?

How is abuse of the service (false allegations) prevented?

How are data protection and data security ensured?

Will my employment be terminated immediately if I am the subject of a whistleblower’s report?

What happens if I report something that later turns out to be wrong?

Am I obliged to contact the ombudsman’s office if I suspect a violation of the law?

Can I visit the ombudsman’s office in person?

Can I contact or visit the ombudsman’s office during working hours?

Will I be notified when my report has been processed?

Is the ombudsman’s office obliged to disclose my identity if it is required to give evidence in criminal or civil proceedings?

Can I contact the ombudsman’s office and only decide at the end of our conversation whether the matter should be passed on to the company?

Who are the ombudsman’s contact persons within the company?

Should I contact the ombudsman’s office even if I may have committed an offence myself?

Is the ombudsman’s office obliged to pass on information about a criminal offence directly to the public prosecutor?

How are tip-offs handled if they concern the contact person within the company?

How long does it take to get a result?