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Agricultural machinery
Digital Solutions

Nurturing innovation, together.


Start-ups often emerge when disruptive technologies are used to create new business models and innovations which can transform a market in the long-term. As one of the foremost technology leaders in agricultural engineering, CLAAS is in search of promising, motivated start-ups who want to play a decisive role in shaping the future of farming. Through successful collaboration or strategic investments through Seed Green Innovations GmbH, CLAAS offers start-ups the opportunity to jointly develop exciting cutting-edge solutions.

Focus: Customers | Farm & Field Management.

Focus: Customers | New Business Solutions.

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Focus: Machines | Enable Automation & Autonomy.

Focus: Machines | Best Performing Process Technologies.

Focus: Machines | Best Efficiency & Sustainability.

Focus: Machines | Cabin of the Future.

Focus: Company | Smart Factory.

Focus: Company | Digital Process Innovation.

Focus: Company | Future Work.