Forage harvesting


The choice is yours.


With such a range of easily used set-up options, you can match the LINER 1650 TWIN to produce top results in any crop in line with your forage yield or the type of machine planned to process the swath. You can choose between a single, large swath to feed the self-propelled JAGUAR, for instance, or make two swaths at night if the crop is extremely dense

  • For a single swath 6.80-metre raking width, and for dual swaths up to 7.90 metres
  • Continuously lubricated CLAAS professional rotor housing
  • 12 removable tine arms with PROFIX quick-change system for maximum raking output

On track – ground-contour following

  • Fully floating rotor suspension for optimal ground-contour following
  • Four-wheel chassis with steered front wheels
  • The optional six-wheel chassis is equipped with extra tandem axles and trailing wheels.

Comfort and convenience on the road

  • The transport height can be reduced to below 4.00 metres by hydraulically lowering the rotors without leaving the cab
  • The swath guard is lockable in the transport position so the crop stays where it belongs when going back for large swaths
  • Automatic transport locking device
  • The machine has a low centre of gravity with rotors retracted downwards into the transport position, ensuring stable handling

Customisable configuration

You can switch from single to dual swath operation by moving the telescopic boom in or out. This is controlled using the double-acting hydraulic valve. By simply inserting a pin, you can decide in advance which swath type you prefer. A second swath guard is optionally available.

  • Two-stage adjustable, mechanical headland stop to suit the most varied forage quantities
  • Fitted as standard with a sequential control for adjusting the time delay between front and rear rotors when raising and lowering
  • Rotor overlap can be adjusted from the tractor cab