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Automatic cutterbar control system


CLAAS CONTOUR ensures that the cutterbar closely follows the ground contour. It automatically compensates for ripples and bumps in the ground along the direction of travel. The driver preselects a ground pressure and CLAAS CONTOUR ensures that the pressure in question is retained. The cutting height preselection function ensures that the preselected cutting height is always automatically found each time the cutterbar is lowered.


AUTO CONTOUR goes one step further and enables compensation for unevenness of the ground in a lateral direction. Sensing bands beneath the cutterbar enable the early detection of ripples and activate the cutterbar cylinders on the feed rake conveyor accordingly.

Automatic reel control

The reel speed torque - and thus speed - is automatically adjusted proportionate to the ground speed. The driver can select and store different ratios for the relationship between the ground speed and the reel speed. The reel speed can be infinitely adjusted between the feed, synchronised, and run-on speeds. A digital speed sensor enables precise speed adjustment.