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Short straw expertise

Short straw is convenient to use and tasty.

Chopped short straw with FINE CUT: Leaves behind almost no stalk longer than 20 mm. Everything is chopped cleanly and free of dust, and compacted into firm bales.

Chopped short straw with SPECIAL CUT: Cut with 180 knives, chopped short straw is enormously absorbent, making it the ideal litter for dairy cattle cubicles, pigsties and horse boxes.


The CLAAS QUADRANT with FINE CUT cutting system produces short straw lengths directly in the field without loss and dust. The new FINE CUT generation with 49-blade chopping housing opens up entirely new dimensions of straw and cutting quality. The increased chopping frequency of over 35,000 cuts increases both throughput and the precision of the cut.
The straw is cut with a knife spacing of 20 mm and compacted into firm bales. All 49 knives are designed with a pull-through cut, which reduces machine energy requirements significantly, cutting your fuel bill in the process.
You can quite easily reduce the number of knives for use with silage. Knives are grouped in threes for protection against foreign objects.

Dust-free short straw...

It's almost entirely dust-free, since the cutting action prevents dust from getting in. Furthermore, short straw is increasingly being added to the feed mixer. Our FINE CUT straw is easily mixed, doesn't need to be mixed in advance and mixes directly with the added silage. Additionally, the cut material has the added benefit of stimulating the rumen action:

  • Significantly better crop intake
  • Reduced waste
  • Stimulation of rumen action
  • Increase of overall crop intake
  • Cuts the time for replacement of food residues and cleaning of feeding stations

...for modern, caring livestock husbandry.

  • Clean and dust-free – for healthy, clean animals
  • Easily mixable – less power required for distribution
  • Not split – far fewer animal losses in poultry husbandry as the chickens don't eat the straw
  • Ideal structure agent in cattle rations – easy distribution in the feed mixer


To ensure optimal chop qualities in all conditions, the SPECIAL CUT straw chopper operates as standard with 90 serrated knives and at over 3,000 rpm at the rotor.
The straw chopper is operated at a distance from the ground of at least 250 mm. With the exclusive, helical nine-tine row arrangement, the chopper "sucks" up the straw without coming into contact with the ground or rocks, and, unlike all other models, delivers a continuous, uniform crop flow. The straw is chopped into thin layers to save fuel.
Depending on the straw quality, two complete knife rows, each with 45 blades, can be additionally swivelled in as shear bars in several stages, operating at a displacement of 15 mm. These shear bars work on the principle of a pull-through chopping action. This saves fuel, ensures an optimal chop quality and delivers a top-quality, short-cut product from even the toughest straw.

Chopped short straw

Chopped short straw is enormously absorbent, making it the ideal litter for dairy cattle cubicles, pigsties and horse boxes. The high absorptive capacity keeps the animals clean and reduces straw consumption.
Additionally, clean udders are also an important part of dairy hygiene. The milking process is speeded up, thanks to the reduced effort associated with udder cleaning.
Chopped straw can be mixed well with maize-rich rations. The animals are not selective, and they eat up all of the forage ration.

Easy-to-handle bales

Chopped straw also allows for optimal handling in large square bales. The high bale density and precise bale shape ensure transport-stable bales even when relocated multiple times.
The high bale density of the chopped product ensures significantly higher weights per bale and thus fewer bales per hectare, reducing handling outlay.